brian botkiller
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My Genres: Progressive, Techno, Progressive House
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Hometown: Albuquerque
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brian botkiller is and electronic musician, promoter, producer and performer from Albuquerque, NM. Born and raised in the arts and music scene, brian’s sound is like nothing you’d expect from most electronic musicians. A multi-multi-instrumentalist playing and programming drums, keyboards, synths, bass and vocals, brian works to bring an exciting edge to live electronic music. brian’s sound is like that of electronic dance legends Underworld tossed in a blender with Miles Davis, KMFDM and the punk rock sensibility of the Talking Heads. Top off with a bit of live art-jam visual projections and propaganda and you have a concoction to get a room moving. Will it blend? Oh yes, it will. Wait, did he say art jam? Yes, he did. Working with Video Jockey and visual propagandist, creator and image manipulator Mediapathic and other Visual Jockeys, brian botkiller’s live show consists of an audiovisual explosion on your eyes and ears. Your feet and body will follow, and you’ll be moving. brian’s love for music has found a home in Drumming and Percussion, as well, with over fifteen years of drumming experience under his belt. As the drummer for Synthpunk act Vertigo Venus and Industrial act Diverje, brian has grown a drumming style not found with most percussionists; energetic, riotous and entertaining, brian brings energy to the drums and uses them to their full extent. brian is also a studio musician with over ten years of experience and a working musician in the New Mexico music scene. As a promoter in the live electronic music scene of New Mexico and the Southwest, brian has seen over ten years in the scene and the music that comes with it, and isn’t stopping anytime soon. He’s been voted best in New Mexico at what he does, and has worked with some of the biggest names in underground electronic music, including En Esch (Slick Idiot, ex-KMFDM frontman). His 2010 CD release, “Welcome to Postwar USA”, explores techno, chiptune, and progressive house with a dash of political satire. This is Intelligent Dance Music for the true faithful; more real than anything on the radio, and more fun than any average band. Hear the future, now.
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